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“Are you looking for the right horse? Tell us…!”

Company WinnerHorses, s.r.o. was established with more than 30-Years experiences and personal knowledge of riding and producing sport horses all levels from YHs competitions to GP showjumpers.

We offer high-quality horses mainly for show-jumping and we also offer premium off-springs and breeding mares.

Our advantage is that we are not dealers with horses, but we produce our high-quality horses, ride them, train them and prepare for competitions according to the customer demand. We know what we sell and we have available complete detailed records of all our horses from birth to sell.

We also have Equestrian facility where we offer stabling, training your horses, preparation of young horses and training of riders.

If you are looking for right horse for you-let us know…! We can offer you not only our high-quality horses but also we can manage purchase-tours in Czech Republic and you can see much more…